Oded Shezifi, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychology
Oded Shezifi, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychology
And God formed humans from dust and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life and they became living beings Genesis 2:7
And God formed humans from dust and breathed into their nostrils  the breath of life  and they became living beings Genesis 2:7

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Adults

Many will agree that contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy is a personalized process that is taking place between clients and therapists in a confidential setting.  This therapeutic process is geared towards helping clients adapt to life's challenges by examining and strengthening their inner life including their private thoughts, emotions, and unconscious motives.  The goal of this process is to help clients become less reactive and increasingly adapted to their unique living situations (See down below the link to APA's articles for more details).  I have specialized in psychodynamic psychotherapy and in treating a range of mental conditions including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, grief, and bereavement.  


Play Therapy for Children 

When children are brought to see a therapist they cannot verbalize their problems the way adults do (See down below the short YouTube clip Introducing Andrew by APT).  As a play therapist, I am trained to address behavioral, emotional, and developmental issues by using play-- the Royal Road of communication with children--to process difficulties that young persons may face in their lives.  I facilitate both a nonverbal and a verbal dialogue with children to help them find ways to master their problems.


Consultation for Parents

I consult with parents and help them find ways to enhance their parenting skills, so that they can assist their children address behavioral and emotional issues and improve the overall parent-child communication at their homes. 


Supervision for Therapists

I offer therapists-in-training clinical supervision and case conceptualization and I provide face-to-face supervision for registered psychological assistants and therapists who are working towards their registered play therapy (RPT) credentials.  When I worked at Jewish Family Service, I was a primary supervisor of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral psychology interns.  In addition, I lead a supervision group for clinical interns (Psychology, MSW, and MFT students).  In this group's meetings we reviewed, on a weekly basis, clinical cases and discussed the theory and practice of contemporary psychotherapy.


Workshops for Organizations

I offer from one-hour to full-day workshops.  I can discuss different topics associated with play therapy, child development, child psychology, parenting, and ways to improve communication between adults and children.  I have presented at different settings such as elementary schools, mental health agencies, professional associations, universities, and informal parenting groups.  I currently teach at the UCSD-Extension's Play Therapy Certificate Program.


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a formal practice and an informal way-of-living that increases one's capacity for self awareness.  I have practiced mindfulness for 15 years with positive outcomes in my ability to generate insights and decrease anxiety.  I help my clients increase their affect regulation by working together on developing their own meditative unfolding practice of mindfulness. 



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